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Registration options

You can sign up online, or download our registration form (PDF, 110KB) and bring it in to the curling rink during our Registration Night or during the league’s regular ice time.

Please note that your membership will not be activated until you have paid the registration fee.

 Fee payment options:

Please note: Credit card transactions, including via PayPal, are very expensive for the club. Whenever possible, please pay your membership fees by cash, cheque, or e-transfer.


Regular membership

Intended for adults and youth curling in one or more regular adult leagues (daytime or evening).

Includes club dues, CurlBC affiliation fee with Personal Accident Insurance, social fee, building fund and GST.


Half-league rates

If you will only play roughly half the scheduled games in a league (e.g., due to vacation, sharing a position on a team, etc.), you are eligible for a reduced rate in that league.

If your half-season league is the ONLY league you will play in, select the 1/2 league membership.

If you want to play a full season in one or more league PLUS a half season in another league, please round up the number of leagues to the next whole number and select the corresponding multi-league membership rate. For example, if you want to play a full season in Tuesday Men's and a half season in Friday Mixed (1-1/2 leagues), select a 2-league membership. The multi-league rates include a discount of approximately 50% off the regular league rate for additional leagues.


Student discount

Applies if you are a full-time student curling in one or more adult leagues or a drop-in league.

Cannot be combined with any other discount.

25% off the regular membership fee or drop-in fee (unlimited option only).


Friday-only discount

Applies if you register for a 1-league membership for the Friday Mixed league ONLY.

Cannot be applied to multiple-league memberships or combined with student discount.

$60 off the regular 1-league membership fee.


New curler discount

Applies if you have not been a member of the Nelson Curling Club in the last 5 years.

Cannot be combined with the student discount.

10% off regular adult membership fee.


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Youth membership

Intended for youth age 10 - 18 curling in the Youth and Junior league.

Not eligible for student discount.

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Spares list membership

Intended for adults who want to join the club only as a spare, not as a regular member of an adult league.

$170 for a 10-punch pass, including CurlBC affiliation fee with Personal Accident Insurance and GST.

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Drop-in membership

Intended for youth or adults curling on Monday evenings during our drop-in time. Your first visit is free! After that, you can choose:

Includes CurlBC affiliation fee with Personal Accident Insurance and GST.

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Other options and fees

Locker rental: $25 per year.

New curler package: $140 per year (includes shoes and broom).

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